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RE: Eclair ACL English mags at 75fps?

I've never cranked an English 400 up to that speed, but I wouldn't think it would handle it too well nor do I think it was designed to. The English 400 was a workaround for those underpowered, single speed motors, so I would guess that the engineers who built it never intended it to hit those speeds.

Keep in mind, I'm in the camp that running a 25-30 year old camera (built by a defunct company, with no easily obtained spare parts) at 75fps is not a prudent move, French or not. I wince when I think about what is happening to the internals of an ACL running at that frame rate.

I also drive the speed limit, so that should tell ya something about me.

Others say it's no problem for their cameras.


Barry Green wrote:
I know the English 400' mags were designed to take some of the load off the original 24fps-only motor... but how do they do when driving the camera at 75fps? Are English mags better for the camera because of the torque issue, or do they get in the way?

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