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Re: Eclair ACL Handgrips

Les, I have one I purchased as part of a package from OEH, and it is an excellent solution.
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 Subject: Eclair ACL Handgrips

Ray ,
 Surely you answered your own question in your e-mail .

 Because you guys asked me to , I made a Handgrip at a very reasonable price with the facility to put it on the support bars , which is heaven compared to the side of the camera ( ref.Aaton grip )
 So far just about everyone who comes in my Workshop tries one & won't give it back !
 But the Forum - Zilch !!!!

 Even Rob Latimer , who is just down the road from me , who started this thread , hasn't even been curious about it .

 I know it's not a fancy $1000.00 grip , but it is covered with rubber , & it must be fairly comfortable as it is used on ACL's , NPR's , Cameflexes , Sony Betacams when not using the handgrip that doubles as a lens , & numerous other cameras .

 Am I wasting my time offering to make bits for you . ie Top Handles , 200' & 400' Mag plates ?


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