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RE: Eclair ACL nice compact zoom for my ACL

Hello Mark!

Thanks for your help. This is exactly the lens I found today at a great price - the later black version with both f and T scales. It is in absolute mint condition, in a little red Angenieux box with red velvet inside. All of what I do goes to video anyway, so it seems to be the perfect solution and man is it small and lightweight! On another note, I also found a nice 200 ft. ACL mag at the same show. So now my compact 16mm setup is complete. By the way, I spoke to the dealer about using the 17-68mm lens on my Bolex Rex 4 and he said it would be no problem at all. He said that there is also an RX version of this same lens, but it was a marketing myth that you needed the RX version on the Bolex. Any thoughts on this? I know there are a lot of rumors out there about RX and non-RX primes, but what's the story on zoom lenses?



Mark wrote:
If you are just shooting for regular TV transfer (not Blowup to 35mm or HDTV), then the already mentioned Angie 4:1, 17 to 68, is hands down the smallest and smallest decent zoom that I've seen or used. And it will cover Super-16. It was made in both C-mount and Arri-S mount. It was also made in both the old silver casing, as well as the later black casing. Optics are supposedly the same, but the glass in a black casing will be less old. Cost ranges from $200-$500, depending on whether you get it from a private party (like eBay), or a dealer (who should guarantee collomation). When testing it, slowly run through the zoom and make sure it is smooth all the way. Make sure that the coatings are good (reflect light off the glass and make sure that there are no "spots", just an even purpleish tint). Also make sure that the focus barrel has no play in it. These lenses are old, and some may not be in as good mechanical shape as others. If the stop ring only has one scale, then this is F-stops --- subtract a half a stop to know the approxT-stop. M. PS-I think The Movie House now has one for sale.

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