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Re: Eclair ACL thinking about purchasing an acl.

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Subject: Re: Eclair ACL thinking about purchasing an acl.

Hi Rafael. Like anything else, the trick to being happy with a used piece
equipment is to buy one in really good condition rather than a

Even if you do buy a fixer-upper, there are a couple of places that can
restore the performance to the equivalent of new. And there may be a good
reason to do this.

My personal experience has been with Optical Electro House. Other fine techs
include Bernie O'Dougherty in Boston, and Les Bosher. All these guys have
the ability to dig deep into a camera and clean it up. But because I started
with OEH, I've just continued to send them business, and I'd like to say a
word about them.

Mark's parts are undoubtedly the last word in technical perfection, as
parts. Only one of my cameras was converted by OEH using Mark's parts
because they have only recently become available. However, all my cameras
except one have 144 degree shutters, which OEH manufacture themselves by
modifying a standard shutter.

All this is neither here nor there, but there is one fact which can be
conveyed only by personal testimonial. Compared with an Australian
conversion, cameras quieted by OEH are markedly quieter. It is really quite
remarkably similar to the "Aaton hum". This does not come cheap, but it is
one of the causes of price disparity among all cameras.

It may be a good idea to concentrate less on the initial noise level of the
camera as purchased, and more on the level which can be achieved by repair
houses that specifically advertise quieting services. These include OEH and
Bernie O'Dougherty. I have not had the opportunity to hear one of Les
Bosher's cameras, and the result may be just as good. The Australian
conversions are good, but result in a sound level in the standard range.

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