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Eclair ACL Bolex Forum and ACL Motors

Hi Kurt,
I knocked around the idea of starting a Bolex list/forum, but with this list, the Super 8mm list, and my other obligations I just don't have the time. Frankly it's tough starting one of these things and making it thrive. When you narrow things down to a specific camera like the Bolex, it's difficult to keep a sustained discussion going. As the List Mum, I have no problem with someone discussing cameras other than the ACL. If you have an Aaton, Beaulieu, or Bolex feel free to post a question or start a thread about those cameras. All that I ask that you specify in your subject line the make of camera you are addressing. This is to be fair to the majority of list members who joined because this is the Eclair ACL forum. That way they can bypass any messages that aren't specific to the ACL. I own a Bolex myself and I would be more than willing to jump into a discussion on that camera. Who knows maybe if we get enough people on the list talking about the Bolex, you could spin off a Bolex list. To answer your question on using your Angie zoom with a Bolex I believe you are okay above an f 3.2 Below that and I think you will perceive some distortion because it's not an RX lens. Honestly I don't know much when it comes to optics, but it has something to do with the collimation of RX lenses to correct for the beamsplitter prism. Apparently above f 3.2 it becomes a non-factor. Why I don't know. Somebody like Les Bosher could probably explain things a little better. He's no stranger to a collimation bench.

Keep in mind this is all academic. Real world experience has told me that you can often get away with things that the books say you can't. Test it out and see what happens.

Rafael was asking about ACL aftermarket motors. At this time I only know of two sources for new ACL motors. One is the Tobin TXM-25A at http://www.tobincinemasystems.com/ and a prototype Xtal motor being developed by Robert Latimer at http://www.themoviehouse.fsnet.co.uk/ Both Clive Tobin and Robert are nice fellas and can answer any questions you might have about there motor designs.

Gotta go pay the Tax Man.

ps. Kurt, I caught your name over at John Longenecker's Super 8 site in connection with Nizo camera services in Germany? If you are still involved with that please drop me a line off-list and let's talk. I have a spanky Nizo 4056 I'd like to get looked at.

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