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Re: Eclair ACL 14.4 volts on ACL HD motor

Mercer. A battery will show greater than normal voltage when tested without "a load" --- ie when it is not actually running the camera. (I also get the same 16+ volt reading when just testing a 14.4v battery "loadless"). The only real test of the actual voltage is to take a reading as the ACL is running. According to Ray, DuAll makes a battery cable with a voltmeter attached --- or you could get a cheap voltage readout display from radio shack and wire it in yourself. Under a "load", the 12 batteries in series should read 14.4v. The best (in fact ONLY) guy that I know of in the USA that can repair an ACL motor is George at Optical Electro House --- in fact, motors are him specialty. I've been running my motor at 14.4v with no problem. There has been disagreement on this list as to whether that is a good idea or not. (In terms of not losing sound-speed, of course, it is a good idea. But some have questioned the ability of the ACL motor to take more than 12v without damage, others have said it was designed to take up to 16 volts). The person who could give the definitive answer is Jean Pierre at Aaton, who I believe designed it. He would probably answer an e-mail. Let us know if you write to him and hear anything. Mark.

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