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Re: Eclair ACL 14.4 volts on ACL HD motor

The AMAX voltage of the motor is determined by the electronics, which in the
case of the CP motor, were made by CP.
No conclusions can be drawn about the AMAX rating of an Eclair motor from
the CP specs, because the voltage is dependent on the reverse breakdown
voltage of the specific driver transistors used.

As far as "no problems detected", you won't detect any until burnout.
It's like raising the voltage to a lightbulb. The light is brighter, whiter,
better, until...
If/when burnout occurs, the result would be an enormous repair bill.

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I tested my ACL at 14.4v with the smaller, single speed motor.  No
problems detected.  It actually helped the camera pull a 400' film load

Wade Ramsey was one of the first people to mention this subject.  You
might look in the ACL List archives and see if you can find his original
posting.  I forget what the top end rating was but it was something like
16 or 17 volts as specified by CP.  He was using a Cinema Products
converted motor, which is essentially a small motor that has been beefed
up and given multiple speeds.


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