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Re: Eclair ACL Mag question

My Australian camera has a very clever holder for standard gel-cell
batteries. It appears to be made of structural PVC, folded, probably with
heat, into a rectangular cage which holds a standard gel-cell under light
tension. A simple angle bracket at one end is fitted with keyholes which
mate to nubs on the camera body. All camera bodies have screws at that
position, so you could replace with nubs. The only complication is that
Eclair screws had their own thread, and you would have to have the nubs
custom threaded -- not an impossible job for a machine shop with a screw

Optical Electro House also mounts the required 10 sub-C Nicads in small
metal boxes. They supply velcro to hold the pack to the side of the
magazine. Has all the functionality of the original packs.

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The On-Board Battery was a feature of the ACL II, which was French.
the 1.5 was also French and didn't have this. The holder is a piece of
screwed into the right rear housing. I'll bet that Les Bosher could run a
bunch of them if enough people were interested. Then, of course, you'd
to find the ACL batteries.

There is no functional difference between the French and English ACL
body ---
in fact I think that the larger gear on the English ACL that turns the
shutter shaft may be slightly less prone to wear (just a guess). Mark.

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