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Re: Eclair ACL Of Viewfinders and Burnt Out HD Motors

As an owner of cameras with both kinds of viewfinders, this is definitely
not the case.
When I switched a camera from the Angenieux fully-orientable screw-on finder
to the Kinoptic fully orientable screw-on type, I had to change the screw-on
type base from Angenieux to Kinoptic.

Otherwise, I would have screwed up :).

And yes, there is the base for the Angenieux non-orientable finder. That
makes three.

cinesota@yahoo.com wrote:
> I was always under the impression that there were two viewfinder bases
> for the ACL.  One is the base for the Angie non-orientable finder which
> is permanently attached to the viewfinder neck.  The other is the base
> for the Angie orientable finder and the Kinoptik finder, which features
> the large silver lock ring connection that allows you to interchange
> viewfinders.  I thought the NPR and the CP-16R both use this design same
> design.  Am I wrong?  Were there other finder bases for the ACL?  You
> learn something new every day.
> Over and out,
> Ray
Is this true? Can anybody clarify this statement for me?


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