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Re: Eclair ACL ACL Viewfinder Mounts

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Sent: Monday, April 22, 2002 9:11 PM
Subject: Eclair ACL ACL Viewfinder Mounts

The original non-orientable finder has the base built right in, so it is
a matter of 2 screws.

The Angenieux orientable finder (ACL 1.5) has a separate adapter plate
threads (the plate screws into the body with those same 2 screws). This
thread is similar to the NPR finder.

The Kinoptik orientable finder (ACL II) also has a separate adapter plate
that first screws into the camera body --- BUT it is a different thread
the Angenieux.

Yes, and just to add, the outer and inner diameter of the Kinoptic base is
much larger than the Angenieux base.
The large I.D. is for the larger finder objective of the Kinoptic, which has
a brighter optical system.

One nitpick -- the Kinoptic bases are made of anodized aluminum,  while the
Angenieux bases are made of chromed brass, a better material.

Although the Kinoptic is sharper, brighter, and easier to focus, and has a
wider field of view, it does have one very significant lack compared to the

With the Angenieux, it is possible to rotate the image to any angle, so that
you can operate the camera while standing at the side, or even in front of
the camera, with the eyecup facing toward the scene.

The Kinoptic does not allow this. The image is automatically "erected" for
an operator whose head is in the plane of the camera. There is no provision
to arbitrarily rotate the image.

For tight situtations, as for example, with the camera jammed up against a
wall, without a video assist,  the Angenieux can show the operator the shots
in a correctly oriented fashion.

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