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Re: Eclair ACL ACL base

You have a standard ACL II.

The manual entitled "ACL II" is actually a manual for a 1.5.

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I'm wondering why my ACL2 doesn't match the photos in the ACL2 manual. When you take off the mag on my camera, the base (or what the mag sits on) is much larger. A large wheel for adjusting the light meter is on the right. If you remove the motor there's an internal/external snyc switch. The base plate itself is electronic with 2 small Jaeger sockets on the right side and a 1/4 inch female socket on the rear for an external sync motor I think. ACL is embossed in white on the front of the plate and an on/off switch in addition to the one on the camera body. The serial # is 2278. What manner of beast is this that doesn't match the manual? I seems to be more blown up.


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