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RE: Eclair ACL ACL base

Mark wrote:
In a message dated 4/22/2002 10:54:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time, almiranta@juno.com writes:

> The base plate itself is electronic with 2 small Jaeger sockets > on the right side and a 1/4 inch female socket on the rear for an > external sync motor I think. That sounds like a modification to the original ACL II base, which should have a full-size XLR socket, and a 6-pin Lemo for the external sync controller (unless there were several incarnations ???). Hmmmmm.

I figured the people who put the manual on the net got it wrong. Thanx for verifying that guys. This base actually couples with the base you described Mark, the one with the XLR. It's loaded with circutry and has an interface plug that plugs into a harness under the original base. The thing is used to run a digital clapper slate, camera light, external sync in the female input and any other triggered device. It can trigger an external device or an external device can trigger the motor to run I'm told. Ever hear of such a thing? It's made by Eclair.


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