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Re: Eclair ACL ACL II for sale

As I recall, either Popular or Modern remarked that the lens has more than
the usual amount of light falloff in the corners. Some falloff is the
inevitable result of the cosine law, but it's exacerbated when the lens is
physically narrow.

As far as sharpness,I can't remember which side of the 12-120 this lens was
on. It was not exceptionally good or bad.

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Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 12:04 PM
Subject: Angenieux 17-68mm zoom...

Hi Robert! One more inquiry... ;)

>1. 9.5-57, nicknamed the "variable prime". Yes, it's as good as OLD
which is pretty good.
>2. 10-150, except that the flare level is objectionably high, so the
sharpness isn't really usable.
>3. 15-150, called by Popular or Modern the perfectionist's zoom at the
it was reviewed, though this is now laughable.
>4. 12-120, esteemed as the workhorse of it's time, for a good combination
of sharpness, low flare, and speed. Nowdays, >the wide-angle performance
really isn't acceptable.
>5. 9.5-95, just all around mediocre.

So where would you say the 17-68 fits in the above list?

- Matthew

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