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Re: Eclair ACL Tokina 16-160


I have just been offered a Tokina 16-160  f1.8 c mount lens. I am a bit
of a novice. Is it worth me taking a look, and how much do you think I
should pay? One day I will ask a proper question.
Thankyou in advance Stephen

Eclair recommended that C-mount zooms not be used.

One reason might be that the lens mount flange might twist slightly from the

Another would be the sheer mechanical fragility of the setup.<

C-mounts were never designed for heavy zoom lenses, although the NPR had a substantially more rugged version than most.  Years ago we dropped our English ACL with an Ektar 152mm C-mount lens attached.  It hit the dirt primarily on the lens, popping the entire lens mount off the camera.  It was repaired by a lady who used to work on Eclairs, her name escapes me.  She retapped the holes for the 4 small mounting screws and used epoxy to secure the whole thing.  We then sent the camera and its 12-120 Angen. zoom to Century and had them colimate it to the camera, which ended up with a slightly non-standard backfocus.

The Ektar survived admirably and we continued to use it for many years. Since this experience, we have avoided mounting any large or heavy lenses to the C-mount.
BTW, I just received a copy of the brand new ASC Manual, 8th Ed. and looked up the section on ACL (p. 613) which has a photo of an ACL II.  But the threading diagram of the 400' mag shows an English magazine!  The section on the NPR has a photo of a first generation NPR with its transistorized gov.-controlled motor and bellows rod mount.  The text describes that motor.  Someone didn't do his homework!

Wade K. Ramsey, DP
Dept. of Cinema & Video Production
Bob Jones University
Greenville, SC 29614

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