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Eclair ACL LCD footage counter for magazines


Interested in your ideas for placing an LCD footage counter on your mag, but how are you planning on triggering the counter? Are you going to place some kind of tacho in your magazines too?

You can get low cost LCD readouts for about $8 that only need a 5 volt square wave to trigger them, but you're obviously going to need some electronics hanging off that. You could make them so small and cheap you could place digital readouts on each mag, but I'd really like to know how you intend to rig up your clock's tacho.

LCD is fine for day and studio shoots, but if you ever film in low light those displays are very hard to read. But you can buy them with suitable back lights at extra cost. LED are also a plausible auction, nice and bright no matter.

Personally, I think your LCD would be better off counting incrementally rather than decremenatlly. Otherwise you're going to need some kind of input to cycle your counter up to the right starting footage, and that's a whole new bunch of electronics and possibly an entry pad. However, if the LCD just counts up, all you need is the reset button, which is already fitted.


Robert Latimer
(The Movie House)

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