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Eclair ACL Support Rods

Bob ,

Using my matte box the standard length rods will accomodate a lens 203mm ( 9" ) long from the 'C' Mount face on the ACL .The Bar Extenders will add another 75mm ( 3" ) .
Don't forget that additionally my Matte Box , by means of an Adapter , is readily convertable to Clip - on , & the bellows are removable ( for that short lens , tight situation , etc)
Ray made a valid point about a riser .
As it happens it is exactly the same height as my Canon XL1 Interface , with an extra hole or two . Same deal applies , just needs a screwdriver to fit or remove, & you can still use it on an XL1 ( sorry for talking dirty )

Mark , I haven't forgotten , just been busy doing ACL & NPR S16 Conversions,Lens mounts & adapters & my handgrip & bracket is going out the door as fast as I make them . Making another 20 now + your rosettes .

Web Site : -  www.lesbosher.co.uk
Tel/Fax :- 01685 811422

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