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Re: Eclair ACL Any barneys around for 400" magazines

It would be great if you'd do the guinea pig work
there Warren.  A ready made barney would be very handy
indeed.  Let us know what you come up with.

Paul Williams

--- Warren Yeager <wy@warrenyeager.com> wrote:
I'd be willing to be the guinea pig.   I'm in LA,
and if they're not too
expensive, it'd be nice to have a barney.  I have
200' mags too....

Warren Yeager, SOC
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> paul williams wrote:
> > Can anyone point me in the direction of a barney
> > 400" acl magazines.  Thanks in advance,
> >
> > Paul Williams
> Custom Upholstery Products in SoCal does barneys. They custom sew them.
>  When I inquired about a barney they said it
wouldn't be a problem but
> they didn't have a pattern for the ACL.  Some
brave soul would need to
> bring in their camera for a "fitting".  I would
have done it but I don't
> want to ship my cam all the way to LA for a
barney.  Once they have the
> original pattern they can reproduce as many as
needed.  They look very
> high quality. Go to, http://www.filmtools.com/cup.html for more info.
> Someone on the Shooting 8mm forum is advertising
barneys for any camera
> out there.  The can be cut from a tracing of your
camera (with
> dimensions).  Probably doesn't fit as nice as a
custom fitted job, but
> it would beat a down jacket anyday.  Here is the
> http://www.darkcastleproductions.freeservers.com/
> Cheers,
> Ray

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