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Re: Eclair Cameras: ACL Shopping

Hi VIC. First, I haven't been pricing the stuff religiously in the past few years. But here is my rough guess --- Assuming its a 1.5 and not a 2:

The lenses are not really worth much. And the 200 ft mags aren't in demand. So basically it is a body, motor and presumeably an orientable finder.

An ACL II package with a couple of 400 foot mags selling privately seems to go for $4000 these days ---- and even then it isn't like people are lining up (dealers will ask $5000 or more, but I doubt that they move too many).

An ACL 1.5 with a motor and orientable finder; (no 400' mags or quality lenses) .... my guess is under $3000. Just a guess --- I've seen people overpay for packages worth less. If you list it on eBay at $3000 and get no bites, you'll know that it needs to be marked down a little. Ironically, you might do better selling the motor, finder, body, mags and batteries separately.

Good Luck. Mark.

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