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Eclair Cameras: Adjusting the tension arm of anEnglish ACL mag.

IF I recall, and this is all from memory, you do ALL the tension adjustments from the FEED side.

There are some small screws that tighten the mechanism onto a collar. This Collar should have two small divots in it. You loosen the screws, and rotate the collar (I believe it to be counter clockwise). I had to use a jewelers screwdriver, but I would recommend a Spanner.
Then tighten the screws, and viola.

By the way, when the rubber bushing wears out on the roller wheel that pushes the film. I ended up replacing it with a Black o-ring gasket. Don't remember the size just that it was thicker than the slot in the brass wheel, and slightly smaller inner diameter than the brass wheel. It did bend the flanges a small amount, but this insured a snug fit. Got the idea from George Gal, who used an O-ring of proper size, but it was too loose. There is a lot of tension there. I also took off and flipped the Brass Wheel, or the internal screw connection ( I forget which), and was able to just use ONE side to push film (I believe it was the perf side in Single perf). Had to do this or the torque would cause the screw to come out of the shaft and the roller would pop off.

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