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Re: Eclair Cameras: T-max versus 7245

Issues of grain aside ... I believe that real B&W film, photographed and lit correctly for B&W contrast, has a unique look when projected that can't be duplicated when color neg is printed in B&W. Perhaps I'm being too Artsy here. All I know is that when I see an original 35mm print of Citizen Kane, or the B&W Nykvist/Bergman films of the 50s, there has been nothing like that look to come out on the silver screen since the demise of real B&W, (except perhaps SHINDLER'S LIST and some of WOODY ALLEN'S MOVIES).

And B&W negative is archival .... color neg is not. Just food for thought. I'll bet that a T-Max print projected in a theater at the proper color temp for B&W would look stunning. Mark.

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