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Re: Eclair Cameras: angenieux 16-44

Hi Mark,

I'm curious.  T-Max would be sharper than 7245?  -  I don't shoot still film at all.  I might be interested in testing one roll, if there was enough interest to have a special order made up.


>From: Mark
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>To: EclairACL@topica.com
>Subject: Re: Eclair Cameras: angenieux 16-44
>Date: Sun, 25 May 2003 23:50:10 EDT
>The Angie 17 - 68 will just manage to cover S-16. It isn't though, in my
>opinion, sharp enough for blowup to 35mm with modern color film stocks. In color
>tests that I ran on 7245, I found that at T2.8, wide shots didn't seem sharp.
>Extreme close-ups weren't awful - but not "Zeiss" crisp (this test was viewed
>projected in S-16, not blown up).
>I once used this lens to make some close-ups in S-16 B&W that was blown up to
>35mm and these shots looked ok intercut with shots made with sharp primes,
>but B&W negative is inherently less sharp than modern color films, and so I
>assume that B&W is more forgiving of a softer lens --- (Plus-X negative and
>Double-X negative have not been reformulated since the late 1950s) --- but I leave
>it to the guys who know more about optics to confirm or deny that. Mark.
>PS - As a footnote, I was considering having a special batch of T-Max
>still-film emulsion coated on S-16 film, but Kodak wants a minimum of 3 dozen 400'
>rolls to do special orders. It is a shame that they don't just put a batch out
>there to see what happens. Even if it is not technically the same contrast as
>P-X or D-X, there may be filmmakers who could accomodate with lighting design.
>T-MAX 100 would certainly be the finest grain motion picture negative film
>ever made, and should be compatible-enough with standard processing. But I guess
>there is no $ in it for Kodak. I was at Kodak in Hollywood the other day
>picking up some film, and I made a surprised comment that the current price
>catalog hadn't been replaced in a year. The veteran person at the desk said
>cynically "Yeah, they're just waiting for a price increase so that the rest will
>desert us."

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