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Re: Eclair Cameras: 200 Foot Mags

Received my ACL 1.5 back from Bernie.  Along with the TCS motor.  I see what
you mean by all the openings, and basic project box construction.  Yes, the
hardware portion is quite disappointing.  If Clive could have taken a cast
of the HD motor and ACL 2 base and tried to work something out, that would
have been ideal.  Guess he's thinking about discontinuing it for lack of
response. Now here's an idea- billet base with Clive's electronics.  ACL 2
height.  Built in rod assembly.  My machinist friend has a CNC setup- once
it's prototyped small batches could be made.  I think I'm starting to day
dream too much.  Maybe these ACL's are really too marginal.

Anyway, do you still have your bad motors?  I sent the HD motor to AZ
Spectrum in NY for a checkout, see if it's even repairable.  I'm told Andrew
does quite a bit with electronics, like George at OE House, but hopefully
much more honestly.  The sales guy at Visual Products mentioned they've
discussed building a new motor with Andrew at AZ Spectrum, if they can find
enough interest.

Don't know why Bernie recommended Les for a Super16 conversion.  In Jan he
was all for installing Mark's kit- I wasn't ready at the time.  Maybe time

For a matte box and rod setup I'm planning to use www.Cavision.com products.
They're located out in Vancouver I think.  They have various bridge plates
for video cameras- all with a decent amount of adjustment.  I'm waiting for
the to release a 4x5 matte box.  I have the rods and a couple of base plates
but I haven't fitted them to the camera yet.  All three of my cameras have
different height bases!  The carbon fiber rods aren't as versatile as the
stainless ones, but I'll plan on having three different lengths.

Just some ideas.  Talk to you soon.  Karl
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Subject: Eclair Cameras: 200 Foot Mags

Hello Every One,

I have (4) 200 ft mags available for sale.  Their tested and ready to go,
some will include core adaptors for slightly more. All will include new
plastic front cover.  I am asking $265 per mag.  I wanted to offer them to
the faithful before I ebay them.  Please let me know if you are

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Subject: Eclair Cameras: ACL II rod base and grip pictures


Here are some pictures...


Peter Ehling wrote:
> Hi,
> I just finished making a new rod base and grip for may ACL II. I would
> like to get some feedback. If there is enough interest I can post
> pictures.  I have been toying with the idea of making some more and
> offering them for sale.
> Got to finance independent film one way or another...
> Let me know if you are interested.
> Peter Ehling

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