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RE: Eclair Cameras: Eclair NPR Beauviala Motor

Your description sounds like the Eclair NPR "Beauviala Motor" designed by Jean-Pierre Beauviala in the 1960s when he worked at Eclair. If so, you might try contacting him at <A HREF="www.Aaton.com">www.Aaton.com</A> to see if he has an old set of plans somewhere.
Or a longtime Eclair Tech who specializes in motors, such as George at <A HREF="www.OpticalElectroHouse.com">
www.OpticalElectroHouse.com</A>, probably could xerox a schematic to send to you for a small charge --- but you should probably e-mail photos of your motor to him to confirm for certain that you have the NPR Beauviala Motor. Yes, the schematic for the CP motor is no longer on my site ... but since your motor is not for the ACL, it wouldn't help anyway. Good luck. Mark. PS - If you succeed in getting the plans for the Beauviala Motor, there is an NPR web-site out there that would probably be happy to obtain a copy to post on their site.

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