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Eclair Cameras: ACL Motor

I received this e-mail, if anyone can help:

<A HREF="mailto:lrocandio@cantv.net";>lrocandio@cantv.net</A>
I am trying to recover an old Eclair.

Actually I am in front of the motor, allmost destroyed by the sun, rain and
When I open it, all the non paint covered connections were broken due to the
oxide and obviously it does not work.

Since I'm not taking any profit from this rebuilding, and the cost of
sending it for repair to US would be well out of my pocket, I live in
Venezuela, I am trying to found somebody that has the schematics of the
motor and want to share them (or even sell a copy of them).

The motor seems to be a crystal one, the servo is a AXEM - CEM one type ED
57200113 code F9M4R. The diameter is 105mm. and the height is around 70mm.
In the back it has a potentiometer for setting the variable speeds and a
switch that I suppose puts the fps in 24.

I'll really appreciate your help.

Best regards
Luis Rocandio

This email was sent to: elroro@propagandaindustries.org

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