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RE: Eclair Cameras: DIY core plates (followup for gryanme)


I pulled up this response from a while back. I'm just curious about a few things. See my questions below.

cinesota@yahoo.com wrote:
Here is the original posting by Mark on how to make a core plate from a metal daylight spool and a core adaptor:

"You can make a 200' flange by ripping apart a 200' 16mm daylight spool and using one side as the flange, and then screw in a 16mm core adapter (the kind found in editing rooms --- or a machine shop could make one easily. Also these aluminum core adapters are probably still available in the US from either CHRISTY'S EDITORIAL SUPPLY, or EDITORIAL EQUIPMENT
PARTS --- both in Burbank, California). Mark."

Christy's does sell the core adapters, for $43 a pop.

I used an ARRI core adaptor (like you find in Arri M and S 400' mags) because I had one lying around. It worked very well.

I had an interesting conversation with a guy at Visual Products who said that he used Arri core adapters + 200' daylight spool flanges to make ACL core adapters. He said that you need to SHIM the core adapter or it won't work. Did you have this experience, or did you just mount the thing flush? You could also use
a Bolex adaptor as well. Chambless (706-636-5210) sells them for around $50. You might be able to get away with just a core adaptor and not bother with a core plate. 200' loads aren't very big and probably wouldn't rub inside a mag.

Can anyone corroborate this statement? Anyone tried this? I would love to not even have to mount a flange to a core adapter.

Thanks, all.

Marc S.

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