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RE: Eclair Cameras: ACL II rod base and grip pictures


The spec is 60mm spacing with the lens on center

vertically 86mm center of lens to rail center

Rail Diameter.:15mm

carbon fiber? thought about it, but decided on the threaded end approach for mounting and extension flexibility. I got both the short and long rods which can be combined (need it for the 12-120 w/ mattebox), This approach was not supported by the carbon fiber rods. I think they need to be clamped in. It may work well with the modified Panavision rod base if it looks like what I think it does (no expertise on this stuff).

good luck!

Peter E.

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Subject: 	Eclair Cameras: ACL II rod base and grip pictures

Great work! Peter,

I am working on a rod base as well and I am looking for some tech info.  The
rods are 15mm in diameter and 10"-12" long. What is the standard for the
distance of the rods from center axis? 60mm?  Also what should the height be
from the center of the rods to the center of the lens be?  Is there a
standard for this as well?  I have the new Tobin motor which is higher then
the original and some original Panavision rod bases that I am going to
modify, but as you can imagine they are substantially bigger. Thanks for
your help.


PS what about using 15mm carbon fiber tubes for the rods?  There very light
and very strong.


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