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RE: Eclair Cameras: ACL II rod base and grip pictures

I probably owe you all some detail on the base and grip. As it stands, I have only and will probably only build it for the ACL II. And the grip needs a little more development before I would feel confident enough to sell anything.

-the rods themselves were purchased through AbleCineTech (nice stuff)

-the base is machined out of 6061 aluminum, bead blasted and anodized. (a durable and non-reflective surface)

-all fasteners are stainless steel

- a stainless insert was machined for the tripod mounting point for durability and it is pressed into the base. very solid

- it has side to side adjustment for re-centering for s-16 (the next step for my camera)

- it replaces the existing bottom most base component on the ACL II base and uses the same mounting screws.

- the grip is cast resin molded over an aluminum insert

- it has an Aaton-style rocker-switch (momentary-on/off/on)

- the position of the grip locks in place by compressed rubber disk clutch

- the grip plugs into the Lemo connector typical on the ACL II (but not always on the earlier cameras?)

- it cannot be used with the current TCS motor as I see it pictured on their web-site.

- price? I will need to get back to you. It will depend on the number of orders. The rods themselves will need to be purchased separately (Abel?). I would definitely sell the base and grip separately. (the reason I made the grip was to overcome the interference issue with the ACL ergonomic grip and the 15mm rods. (This is something that would be inherent in any rod installation). It bothered me so I built the grip.

To answer some of your other questions--

I have not shot with the Peleng yet. I am pleased with the level of wide angle distortion. A great value for an S-16 capable wide angle!

The PL adapter comes from George at the OpticalElectroHouse  www.opticalelectrohouse.com

If you can save the file, drag it into a netscape or explorer window. That might help those having trouble viewing the image.

I think that is it for now.


Peter E.

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How do you like the Peleng lens?  Also I would be interested, especially if
you had a spacer for a 1.5 with HD motor and a setup for the TCS motor on a
2.  Thanks. Karl

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Here are some pictures...


Peter Ehling wrote:
> Hi,
> I just finished making a new rod base and grip for may ACL II. I would
> like to get some feedback. If there is enough interest I can post
> pictures.  I have been toying with the idea of making some more and
> offering them for sale.
> Got to finance independent film one way or another...
> Let me know if you are interested.
> Peter Ehling


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