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RE: Eclair Cameras: ACL 1.5 motor vs. 2 motor

With my 1.5 motor I adjust the inching knob to quiet the camera when film is loaded. Is this necessary with the 2 motor?

Bernie ODoherty wrote:

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On the 2 do you have to depress the recessed inching knob in order to get it to emerge for inching purposes?

Warren Yeager wrote:
> You can still inch the recessed knob....I imagine they recessed it to > keep
> it from getting in the way of fingers, barneys, etc while the camera's
> running.....
> > Warren Yeager, SOC
> www.warrenyeager.com
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> Subject: Eclair Cameras: ACL 1.5 motor vs. 2 motor
> > > > I have a question regarding the differences between the 1.5 and 2
> > motors.  We all know they are capable of 75 fps.  But there is at least
> > one potentially significant difference between the designs.
> >
> > The main difference that I can see between these two motors is that the
> > 1.5 has a inching knob that protrudes from the body, and therefore gives
> > the operator the ability to inch it.  On the other hand, the 2 motor has
> > a recessed knob.  Does anyone know why this is, and if there is any
> > benefit to having one or the other?
> >
> > Michael Welle
> >
> >
> >
> > >

Michael Welle

No, It's already set in position as is.
Another factor that may have influenced the newer version (#2 ) was that they developed an electronic way to have the mirror stay in the viewing position, therefore inching wasn't necessary.


Michael Welle

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