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RE: Eclair Cameras: Loading 200' ACL magazines with A-minima

Marc Syp wrote:
You say that the aminima loads come with plastic daylight flanges. Do these have the square-peg >holes that fit on the ACL mag spindle? That is, would it be possible to just >load the whole thing, flanges and all, with no adapter? Or, as you say, >will I still need an adapter on the feed side?

Hi Marc,
Sorry but yeah you will need a core adaptor to use the Aminima loads. They have the larger round core hole not the small square peg found on standard daylight spools.

Finally, any ideas on cinema supply companies to call to get a >couple of those core adapters for repurposing purposes?

Marc S.

Any Bolex or Arriflex dealer should stock them. But as all things Bolex or Arri you can bet they are expensive. You might try Chambless Cine-Equipt, they sell little off brand items like eyecups, caps, and they may stock core adaptors. Ebay is another option. I often see them on ebay.

If you are tight on time (and have the money) you could refrigerate the Aminima stock and purchase some standard daylight loads. The major benefit to the Aminima load is that it is a single perf stock thereby allowing one to shoot super 16 with 200' magazines. If you are not shooting S16 then a standard 200' daylight load will work. Not the best (or cheapest) solution I'll admit.

Let us know how it goes.


ps. Thanks Steven for the tip on the Aminima flanges. I always pulled my off to prevent possible noise, but it's good to know there is another reason for doing it.

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