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Eclair Cameras: Bolex vs. New Motor

dear all,
with talk of single frame shooting, arri ses (arri s plural), and bolex shooting, I wondered about shooting at variable speeds and whether it makes more sense to buy a suped (sooped?) up motor or a bolex to shoot single frame, 12 fps, and 75 fps. A new motor and a good bolex seem to cost about the same. I prefer the way the film looks that I shot on my acl than the result's I had with a Bolex, however, my camera is older and I worry about causing it harm with a tough new motor. I also love bolexs and thought I should have one. I guess a reflex bolex would mean that I have to buy some new lenses but the durability and reliability of the camera means that lenses are about all I would have to buy. Oh venerable group, enlighten me with your opinions.
Hans <hansfilm@algonet.se> wrote:

I like Arri S body with capping shutter and intervelometer or animation
motor with control box.  These are around and not to expensive usually.
Carroll Williams

Did you finish your single frame conversion with the Slo-Syn SS-50?  My
application would be a little stop frame.  Or would I be better off with
say, a Scoopic or Bolex for some limited stop frame work? thanks. Karl.

I have good exp. using a ACL and a adapted single frames motor. The one
Tobin is making for Bolex can be adapted to a ACL. Runs on 12 volt and have
time lapse control. The ACL camera works without capping shutter.

Hans Hansson, FSF, Sweden

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