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RE: Eclair Cameras: Zeiss lenses old and new ... my personal experience

How about the Zeiss 11-110 for Super 16? How does this compare to the Angenieux 11.5-138? Any takers?

Mike Welle
Hans wrote:
03-02-14 19.44, skrev Wade Ramsey på wramsey@bju.edu följande:

> The Canon 8-64 was the one I thought I'd heard about, thanks, Julian.
> > So, Mark, do you feel they wouldn't cut together well?

The Zeiss 16 mm primes HS and the Canon zoom 8-64mm and 11-138 mm, or the
new ones 7-63 mm and 11-165 mm cut very well together, now problem. The
Canon zoom have a high contrast and neutral colors, just like the Zeiss, a
very common combination in super-16 productions in Scandinavian.

Hans Hansson, FSF, Sweden

Michael Welle

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