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Re: Eclair Cameras: Zeiss lenses old and new ... my personal experience

The Canon 8-64 is fabulous.  Goes for around $10k

julian williamson

From: Wade Ramsey <wramsey@bju.edu>
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Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 10:06:21 -0500
To: EclairACL@topica.com
Subject: Re: Eclair Cameras: Zeiss lenses old and new ... my personal

Thanks!  Isn't there a Canon zoom that is highly regarded for S16 ?

Wade K. Ramsey, DP
Dept. of Cinema & Video Production
Bob Jones University
Greenville, SC 29614

super16acl@aol.com 2/13/03 11:15:16 PM >>>
Hi Warren --- yes, the Bayonet Zeiss Super Speeds with no focus gear --- just
that Rabbit's Ear thing --- cover Super-16.  I have a 12mm in that flavor.

Just for TV, the old Angenieux 17-68 will cover S-16. Best of all worlds ---
I imagine ---would be to have Les Bosher do an under-$1000 conversion of a
R-16 Zeiss 10-100 Zoom.  I think it ends up as a 14-140, with one stop lost..
Century Precision Optical in Burbank will make it a 12-120 for around $2000
and a stop. Or you can buy an 11-110 factory S-16 from Zeiss for big bucks.

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